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Glitter Tattoos (Temporary)

Glitter Tattoos are great for hot summer parties with water play and/or swimming. Glitter tattoos add fun and/or sparkle while your guests are enjoying the water with their sparkly and/or Trendy designs.

Glitter Tattoos are water resistant and can last up to several days. They are applied with a stencil, body glue, and body glitter. They can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol.

AirBrush Body Art/Tattoos (Temporary)

These are a temporary tattoos applied with a stencil and sprayed with body paint. They are also great for hot weather because they are water resistant and lasts up to several days. Great for pool parties and water play and great for adults too! They are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

Note: For Airbrush Body Art/Tattoos we must have access to an electrical outlet and be in a well ventilated area. Preferably outdoors. Not to be sprayed on the face. Arms, shoulders, back, and legs only.

Pregnancy Belly Art!

We now offer Pregnancy Belly Art! Let us help you make special memories of your pregnancy! Belly Art Love site coming soon!